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Solace Health of South Florida

Solace Health is a behavioral healthcare provider in the South Florida region. We are founded on the basis of providing an array of unique, comprehensive, therapeutic services that are centered in a nature-focused holistic environment.

Our mission is to create an environment that provides high quality mental health services which promotes healthy individuals, families and communities. We work closely with our clients and their loved ones to understand their current health condition and are committed to providing exceptional therapeutic services to individuals with behavioral, emotional and other psychological disorders. Our goal is to have our clients understand, manage and learn to cope. We guide our clients through the healing process toward stability and independence.

Solace Health has been a pioneer in the South Florida community. It has created and adapted a unique Animal-Assisted Therapy program that includes over 100 different species. Animal-Assisted Therapy is a technique that is credited to child psychiatrist Dr. Boris Levinson. To learn more about Animal-Assisted Therapy, click here.

Solace Health has two offices located in South Florida. The Coral Gables office located in the Kendar Building, and the Safari Edventure office, located in the Miami Redlands area. Click here for map and directions.